Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cooking Lessons

I'm back! I took a break from blogging after having my baby, Lincoln, who is adorable- and my husband was in California for an internship. I found that being a single parent for the summer took up most of my free time.

Ok- I am back. It feels like I am always working on one more thing- I always have somewhere to improve and it can be down right discouraging. I find that if I want to improve my finaces, I need to improve my organization, and if I want to improve my organization I need to better control my time management. I find that if I want to save money, I must be able to cook for my family instead of purchasing unhealthy and expensive processed foods, but it occured to me the other day as I was scalding a pot of rice on the stove. That I don't know how to cook.

I don't really enjoy cooking. I find that it requires planning (something I am not good at) and usually requires washing many dishes afterward...

BUT- I have decided to cook more, buy less frozen or processed foods, and save some money.

I have no idea where to start. I think I will cruise the internet and let you know what I can find for beginner cooks. :)



We've got a Black and Decker Flavor Scenter Handy Steamer. Not only does it steam vegetables it also makes rice. And, it's really hard to mess it up. I'd recommend getting one in your efforts to start eating healthier. We use it often.


I have because a better cook. Jordan now likes about 90% of the thing I make. I do watch a lot of cooking shows and food network in my favorite channel and really try not to have frozen dinner each night. I have to tell you my new favorite cooking show is The Food Nanny, it is on the BYU channel. She has a cookbook and every recipe that I have made from it my family loves!! At first I checked the book out from the library, but I just loved it so much that I brought it.

Beth Tunnell

I've been thinking about starting a blog about making weekly menus on the cheap... Like making one meal that the leftovers turn into a different meal the next day and fun tips about making things cheap (we're still trying for the $40 a week thing) I don't know, though. Would you read it? Tell me about some good blogs you find out there. I'm always looking for good tips. And just so you know, rice cookers are your friend :

Beth Tunnell

PS I think the picture combined with description is pretty ironic... You are kind of making an Eyore face. And I mean that in the best, and cutest way possible. It's a hot look. You just don't look super on the glass is half full side of the world.

Kelly Moore

LOL beth- I changed m ypic but not my discription. I would totally follow a cheap food blog. :)

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