Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Biggest Loser

Last season was the first time I had watched the biggest loser- and a new season has begun. So I don't know- like I have a few extra pounds I'm hefting around- you know- postpardum and everything. But I know as Lincoln grows a little bigger, I should be growing a little smaller. It's only baby weight when I've got a baby around, you know. When they're teenagers I won't be able to use the excuse anymore.

So I am going to do it with them. (nothing like that motivation to help me along. I can't sit and eat a hamburger while watching.)

So I am going to start eating alittle better again, and exercising more. Nothing big like you see on TV- I can't afford to join a gym or anything, but I am going to go for it! :)

Also- I really like Burgandy Keel (purple team) I think she's got a great attitude and I relate to her. I hope she does really well in the competition. She is from Utah- I wonder if she is LDS- does anyone know?


Beth Tunnell

You go girl! Do you guys still do netflix? Jillian has some really hardcore workout videos. Like I tried one with a friend and our kids only let us do about ten minutes, and I still couldn't walk for the next three days. You might like to try them. Just proceed with caution.

Kelly Moore

I have the Biggest Loser Game- for the wii- too. I like it. I lost about 20 lbs this summer with it. I didn't like how Jillian kept calling me "poodle"= I mean what's up with that?

Beth Tunnell

What!? She called you poodle and you let her? ha ha. I'm calling you poodle now. What ya gonna do? Throw a punch from Montana to Washington?

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