Monday, September 27, 2010

Thank Goodness for WIC

I am on the WIC program- and I am sad because Hudson will be five next month, so we won't get benefits for him any more, but WIC has been such a blessing in our home because otherwise we couldn't afford to eat as well as we do.

Now that I am learning to use WIC to it's fullest, I am really beginning to see how much food we can eat with it!
I am practicing being a more frugal cook, and using up all that I can without wasting. So tomorrow I am boiling eggs for egg salad sandwhiches and using the eggs and cheese and some fresh veggies for an omlet, and of course Hudson loves his PB&J and milk and fruit. I got the stuff for a really nice Salad and I can use left over taco meat or chicken to make that a meal. So- you know I can really make my food stretch- and I am even starting to enjoy this meal prep stuff a little more- (remember when just a few posts ago I said I hated it.)

In other news- I watched Hoarders today for the first time and it upset and aggitated me for the entire night. I mean those of you who have seen my house - I am a little cluttered- I am NOT a hoarder (of course the people on the show say that too) at least not yet- but what I found the most disturbing is that I related to the things they said ie: I MIGHT need that, nothing has a place to go, I have always been cluttered, I feel guilty thowing stuff away... etc etc... YIKES! I was so upset about it I cried to my sister about cat feces for a while... I don't even have a cat.
Well, after watching a few gut wrenching episodes (literally) I got of my fanny and organized like mad... so maybe having OCD won't help. I will just watch an episode of Hoarders every morning and that will motivate me to clean the house for the day... I will then listen to a soothing church talk to help me feel better about myself.


Colleen Marie

I watched ONE episode, and promptly cleaned out all the clothes I haven't worn in over a year. And then I attacked the box of "maybe someday I'll fix these" clothes, and threw out or fixed them. My hall closet is still a jumble with boxes and bedding, but I'm going to attack that before it has a chance to collapse and kill someone.

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