Sunday, March 21, 2010

My clean sink

Yes, it's true. My sink is clean. I have done the dishes (not every night, but often) and it's amazing to me how much it helps to just keep the sink clean. Suddenly, dishes aren't quite as daunting. (I am hoping to make this a new life long habit... so don't jinx me!)

I was really sick last week, so that sucked. Combine my general lack of energy with a terrible cough and lack of bladder control (thanks alot baby ?).... and my house suffered a bit. But it's an upward trend and that's what I like to see....

I only have about 4 weeks left if they induce me at 39 like they plan to... and I still haven't felt that wonderful nesting urge... in fact it was only this morning that it really dawned on me that I only have a month left.... Panic does not equal nesting... Oh well. I fall back on the idea that it'll all work out... somehow.

Also- Great news! Jason was offered a summer internship in Los Angeles. We tried to figure out how we all could go and it just wasn't working out, so Jason will embark on a grand adventure in California.... and I will embark on an adventure here in Havre, MT.... Google map us- street view... yes, it's a little depressing.

Hudson isn't so thrilled with the idea, but we've been assuring him that Daddy is not moving away, he's just going to be gone a few weeks (a few like 12) and we're hopefully going to be able to afford to visit him at least once... Did the words Disney Land escape my lips? Maybe... that seemed to improve the little guy's outlook, but only marginally.

I am nervous about being a single mom of two for a few months, but I have an AWESOME support system here in Havre. I have a loving ward family that will take care of me if I need it. My wonderful in-laws are just a few hours away and have promised to visit on occasion, and I've got wonderful and helpful friends. I think I will be ok, other than missing my husband and the ambient sounds of World of Warcraft....

Anyway, life is good. And I am ready to go on to the next "babystep" in the FlyLady's book. Wish me luck!


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