Friday, March 12, 2010

Come FLY with Me

So- I've read the book before- I have read several home organization books- but this time I am conducting a little experiment. Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley- the Fly Lady.

Why am I doing this? Well, Heavenly Father blessed me with visiting teachers who wanted to come over- and while super excited to have VTs over, I was actually paniced because of the state of my house... I am usually anxious because of this, I have never been good at organizing EVER. My mother would section off my bedroom with "CAUTION" tape when I was kid... and I always figured, there will be enough to clean as a grown up, so I don't want to do it now.

Welcome to today- I am a grown up with an adorable 4 year old son, and another baby on the way... (EDD April 28) and my house STILL isn't clean. And as much as I keep rationalizing why I CAN'T do it- I know it needs to be done...

ANYWAY- My visiting teachers were coming. And it turns out that one of my VT's is actually the Relief Society President. I made the mistake (or maybe a cry for help) of complaining of my lack of "domestic goddess skills"- and wouldn't you know, she found an answer!

I am supposed to experiment with the book and when I've completed it- I get to teach about my experience at a weekday RS meeting (or enrichment meeting , if you are rebeilious like me. I still call it Homemaking meeting sometimes... sigh)

So- I am blogging about it. That's right. All the nitty-gritty WITH PICTURES! I am hoping you guys hold me accountable- and I bet some of you are following my progress from my ward too- so I hope you'll make a comment here and there- so here I am taking my first baby step. Wish my luck!


Beth Tunnell

You have one very resourceful, and might I add, Tricky Relief Society president. I hope this plan works for you!

Colleen Marie

Good luck.

Crawfords of WA

Fly lady is a great resource, a few women from my church and MOPS group swear by her!
Good luck with it all I know how tricky it can be to clean and organize with little ones!

Colleen Marie

Kelly, this is a reply to your comment on my blog: My bodywash was in the girls locker-room at the school. That's where I shower. I may have left it out of my locker, and somebody swiped it. And it turns out my mom didn't give it to me for my birthday, but two months before, for Christmas. I'm just bad at details.

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