Monday, April 20, 2009


I weighed in tonight at Weight Watchers. I gained 1.5 this week. :( I'm pretty bummed about this because I have been walking and trying to exercise this week. I even walked to weight watchers- uphill! But these things are often a week behind so maybe I'll see results for my hard work next week.

"But don't give up!" The lady across the table from me said as I crammed my feet back into my walking shoes.

"I wouldn't give myself the satisfaction!" I said stoutly, drawing laughs from the women in line. I guess that did sound a little pscitsofrenic.

So when I got home tonight I popped in a 15minute dance workout video and realized again why I don't do that dvd very often. Besides a total and utter lack of coordination, a sandy haired dance fiend intent on showing me up keep tripping me up. Argh!

So, I'm going to have to challenge myself. My biggest hang-up with W.W. is tracking. I just can't seem to do it. I mean when I do track what I eat it's during the day while I am at work and that's easy, then I get home and it all goes down the toilet... wait that didn't sound right.... I mean out the window. So I'm just going to have to challenge myself to track, and I'm counting on you, gentle reader, (I don't know if you're gentle, but it sounded nice) to keep me in line. I will post again on how I'm doing with this... feel free to leave scathing comments if I fail miserably.
pedometer: 11519 miles:5.44


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