Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth-Day! (and Birthday, Dad!)

I am not an Earth-hippie as my husband calls them, but I won't deny that I long to be more eco-friendly and more self-reliant. I have recently read the Foxfire books and know how to slaughter my own pigs, build a log cabin, and make soap from lard, (none of which I think I'll need anytime soon.) It's fascinating to me- self reliance- and I really want to get there. I'd like to be like Henry David Thoreau on my own little Walden... but I also want the complete seasons 1-2-3 of Bones... I am torn. So I do what I can to live with one foot in and out of eco-hippiville...

I recently found this website that I am now a HUGE fan of, and would love to help out. If you save your old candy wrappers or juice pouches they will donate 2 cents for every wrapper to the charity of your choice or to any school in the USA. Isn't that Awesome? I'd like to do my part, but I am also trying to lose weight and it's better if I just don't buy the cookies/candy in the first place.

Here's another great book and website for those who want the best of both worlds.

I have also recently found a man who could go on my list of personal heroes (Somewhere near John Denver and Mr. Rogers) - They call him the Garbage Warrior. He's amazing! I recommend these videos.


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