Friday, April 17, 2009

A Montana sunset

Last night I had a pretty short fuse. I get frustrated when Hudson whines and Jason is thirsty and doesn't like our choices of beverages. It was generally chaotic in the house and I just needed to get out. So I went for a walk, ignoring Hudson's plaintive pleas to join me and set off at a brisk pace around the block.

It's April- but here in Northern Montana, we still get the occasional snow flurry. But last night was beautiful! It was almost 8:00 and the sun set was pink and orange and stretching across the horizon. At first all I could hear was my swirling thoughts and the slapping of my flip-flops on the pavement, but then I heard a birdcall and it made me stop. It was the most beautiful sound in the world at that moment, and it took me back to the shady Soos Creek Trail near my childhood home. I used to walk the Soos Creek Trail with my friends or with my dad all the time- it's a beautiful preserved wetland that is home to all sorts of birds and animals.

I stood in front of someones house for a long while, probably making them pretty curious, and just listened to the birds. It really cleared my head... Not to mention that I felt pretty good about getting some exercise.

When I came back in, Hudson wrapped his little arms around my legs and said "I thought I lost you! I don't ever want to lose you again!"

It made me laugh, I hadn't "stormed" out, I just said I was taking a quick walk and would come right back- Jason had reassured him that I'd be back in a minute- Hudson just has a flare for the dramatic!

It's amazing to me what a little fresh air, a sunset, and some birds can do for the spirit.



That's too cute what Hudson said!

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