Monday, October 4, 2010

Mysterious Ways

I know that most people would say that Heavenly Father isn't interested in the trivial things of my day, like what shirt I choose, or what I eat for breakfast- but I know that he is aware of me- and that he blesses me in Mysterious Ways.

You know that Psych season 4 DVD that I was loathe to return, but put on my frugal big girl panties so that I could get my son a much needed coat? (small sacrafice, I know, but it was still hard for me)
well.... It's on netflix streaming! YAY! I can still watch it! :)

Ok- Netflix has become our entertainment budget. For 8.99 a month we get unlimited movies streamed to our computer and our tv with the wii- and one dvd at a time. This is what we do instead of renting videos and going out to movies. It works pretty well, actually. :) And I have sworn off buying movies for a long time- I don't really need to buy movies. I will watch it how many times after purchasing it? And I have to store the darn things and that just adds to the "stuff" that I am hoping to rid myself of soon.

Ok- I know- it may not be an earth-moving miracle- but it's a miracle to me. And I am thankful for the blessing. :)



I love netflix, we have the same plan. The local library is also a great place to get movies too. Well on being frugal we are going to get rid TV :( I am kind of sad about it. But it will be better for the budget and with netflix I think I will survive.
And yes the Lord watches out for us. :)

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