Friday, October 8, 2010

Teen Suicides

I think that the recent increase in teen suicide due to bullying is very very sad. But wonders what kind of message we are sending to kids by martyring the teens all over the news so much? Yes- it is a call to action- something must be done. But if I were a teen with suicidal thoughts (and you don't know if I wasn't so don't judge) I think knowing my image would be on tv- publicily humiliating my tormenters, and the candles and the teddy bears and all the people who would gather together in my name- might just be making suicide look that much more appealing. I'm just saying- No excuse for bullies- very sad about the suicides, but instead of letting the media tell the story, shouldn't we sit down with our kids and TALK about it?



I have never thought of it that way... but that is so true... wouldn't that be the greatest revenge... your blood on their hands... (I realize that is not really how it is... but to a teenager that may be how it seems). Agreed there needs to be talking at home... I for one hope that this message is shared on a larger scale! :)

Colleen Marie

We often find a suicides come in rashes up here. After one does it, and the minister/pastor/bishop gets up and says: "Now he's out of pain. The angels have taken him." etc etc.
And every other kid who's depressed thinks to themselves that that's not a bad idea. But what else can be said?

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