Monday, May 4, 2009


What I'd like to know is how I got stuck in this t shirt and jeans trap. It's only one step away from the baggy sweats trap (although on weekends I've been known to indulge). I mean, really, for someone who was once a fashion major and who wore some pretty (dare I say) Zany clothes I've really mellowed. I think it has something to do with my life in general. I'm complacent when it comes to my diet, my style, my housekeeping, my finances... It's not that bad, but it's not that good either. A word I would use to describe this apathetic or just pathetic approach to life? "Meh"... It's pretty much my answer when asked my opinion on just about anything.

I have a friend who dyed her hair pink. She's not a punk-rocker or anything, just wanted pink hair and she went out and got it. I wonder what's preventing me from going out and taking more risks like that. Things I'd like to do but just feel like I'm not entitled to.

I need to go out on a limb and try something new. Jazz it up, so to speak. Any suggestions?


Beth Tunnell

Put on a piece of jewelry! I know, sounds lame, but it really jazzes up the jeans and t shirt combo! Go out and get a cheap and fun pair of earings. You'll feel great (maybe, depending on what you pick out, you might just feel silly) and you've gotten a little bit off the regular rut. Hey, and lets get together and have a dress sewing weekend or something fun like that and make some fun and freaking awesome stuff! (because you have the skillz, and I have some really awesome 70s patterns that I want to make!) Like all the exclamations?!


I personally think its mormonism, now before you report me for being a bad mormon let me explain! We are raised to be modest which is excellent because I look at the fashion here in Dallas, and I am often left scratching my head, no I don't want to wear jean undies, and the tanks to show off my flabby arms, but grace I would like to be cooler. But really we are worried about fitting in, I think deep down, if we don't "look" like suzy homemaker, we must not be, and sadly that happens in a lot of wards, the women in my ward are mostly fashionistas, and they get their hair and nails done every week it seems, I am poor and broke and can't wear nice blouses because most aren't cut right from my tires:D So I default to a t shirt (thats kinda nice...) and skirt.. Dare to be different dare to break the ice and be fun, and you get weird looks, I know I tried. So its easier to simplify. Also I got pink highlights once, nothing flashy and actually they were supposed to be a bright red. My employer ( I worked at Moon's LDS bookstore) pulled me aside and told me to fix it. That they were getting complaints. Now I am maybe going to hell for this comment, but I don't think He cares about hair color. Yes be respectful, yes be decent, but at the time, I was single and living it up. So yeah that is all I have to say... I agree with the jewlery, there are some really bright colors and fun things out there right now!

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