Wednesday, May 27, 2009

30 Day weight loss Challenge

That's right. I don't know if it's hormones or what, but I am sick to death of feeling flabby and fat. I have been waffling in my weight loss attempts for weeks and I just need a good shot in the arm (or kick in the rear) to get back on track. So what am I going to do? A 30 day weight loss challenge!

Side note: what makes this even harder is that I just finished writing 50 articles on weight loss for and spent the whole time feeling guilty that I KNOW all about weight loss, but I'm fat. >:( explain that.... I guess it's a classic case of those who can't do teach... but who wants to take weight loss advice from a chubby girl? It's at times like these I thank my lucky stars I'm a ghost writer.

ANYHOW! 30 Day weight loss challenge. I'm just making this up as I go because I couldn't find something online that fit exactly with what I was going for. (BTW I'm starting June first, and anyone who wants to play along can feel free to.) I will be posting daily (Egads! Bear with me.) about my progress, but here is the catch. I will not weigh myself only twice - June 1st and then not until JUNE 30th. There will be pictures, actual measurements, and yes my real weight posted. (Not even my driver's licence has had that kind of honesty.)

I guess today I'm just kind of warning everyone that things could get ugly... and I actually WANT people to comment- keep me honest. If I think someone out there is keeping tabs on me this will probably work better.




What's your plan of attack? I'll monitor your progress, alright.... I'll check every day! But yeah, perhaps I'll join you.


Hmm sounds like a great idea!
I need to do something eventually too...

I was confused by this line in your post however..
"I will not weigh myself only twice" did you add an extra word on accident? :)

Beth Tunnell

I'm with ya! For health reasons... Today I almost ate one of those big bags of sour cream and onion chips. Can't wait to see the progress! And kudos for only weighing twice. I bet you cheat!

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