Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Place- New Year

We're here in our new town and I would post pictures of our new apartment, but... it's still full of boxes. I find that we're so worn out from just getting here that I haven't been terribly motivated to unpack. Also- I threw out my back and lifting boxes really hurts- heck- lifting Lincoln hurts. So I have just been taking it easy for the last few days.

I like our new Ward. I have already been asked to speak in Sacrament meeting on the 23rd.
I LOVE being a stay at home mom- but I didn't remember it being this LONELY. I think part of the problem is that Jason has been working CRAZY LONG hours. He leaves at 4:30 am and gets back at 8:00 or so. Last night he didn't get back until 9:30. The overtime money won't be so bad, but I do miss him and it's been hard for Hudson to only get a few minutes here and there with him. We can't even call because out at the mine there is no cell phone reception. The other thing that makes it difficult is that we are using only one car at the moment as Jason's corolla isn't starting. (TOO cold!) and so we've been confined to the apartment grounds for the most part. Jason will probably buy a truck or something soon, as he's made more in the last week than the both of us combined made in the last few months... We'll be paying off student loans and stuff too.

But I am eager to get the house put in place and start to decorate using the cute ideas I see online- and I excited to start posting more often too. :) Since I have ALL day long- I am hoping to make this blog what I pictured it being when I started it. :)



Well congratulations on the new job and the new place. I'm sorry you have to be without your husband so much, though! It can definitely get lonely with only small children to keep you company. Hang in there!

Colleen Marie

I notice that while the pots and pans aren't unpacked, the computer and internet line are set up. Oh, you have the same priorities I do!!

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