Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pre-Winter Blues

It's not officially winter yet, I guess. But The view from my window would suggest otherwise. I have not posted in a while because I was ill for a time- and just didn't feel like it- now that I am feeling at least 97% I decided I'd update.

Update #1: On October 21st Hudson turned 5!

Update #2: We're MOVING!!! Yes- I am afraid it's true. Jason is graduating in less than a month and we are packing up our things- and going to......
well, we don't know where exactly yet, but we know we're moving.
The thing I dread most is our awful landlord who is (and I know it sounds trite, but there is no other way to describe her) mean. She is just mean. She has no reason to be cruel she just is- and that is what makes her so bad. So we are probably not going to get our desposit back even though I have lived for 2 1/2 years without putting up a single picture on the walls. (and before you ask, yes I tried those 3M sticky things.... don't work for anything that weighs more than a piece of paper and I have several broken frames to testify of that....)

Also I know my procrastinating ways- and I am combatting them even as I write this. It is my goal to have everything packed up and boxed away before Christmas EVE... And I don't fancy the idea of having to carry boxes out to the truck (which hopefully some company will PAY for) in -45 degree weather... today it is 8 degrees, but it might as well be 45 below... brrrr.

Update #3: I sold my red car to my friend Paula at work. This way we don't have to trailer 4 cars or make two or three trips. We've had our ups and downs in that red car, but it is reliable, and should work well for her. :) Plus this way we no longer have that specific monthly payment and it will help to pay down our debt.

Update #4: I have really come to enjoy taking portraits and think that if I get enough practice, I might be able to do some freelance photography in the future. I'd like to be able to save enough money to buy a "real" camera- a digital SLR and some nice lenses. I could then make some money doing something really fun and creative. (obviously not make ALOT, but just as a hobby)

Well, that's about it for now. We're going to G-ma Griffin's place for Thanksgiving, then possibly to Colorado but for sure up to Wyoming which may be our new home in 2011- if Jason likes what he sees...


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