Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hanging in there

Things here are generally good. We had a really fun Thanksgiving break, after shelling out some money for a new fuel pump, that is... but it was totally worth it for me to see my big sister and her baby bump! I also got a chance to play with my cousin's adorable baby boy and I found myself actually excited to have another little boy. Which is weird because it took longer than I had expected to feel excited about this pregnancy. I mean we wanted to get pregnant, I've wanted to have another child for a long time, so it was bizarre to me that I have felt so disconnected these first few months.

But all that has changed. I even went out and purchased material for a cute baby quilt. I am beginning to get the "nesting" feeling. It's just too bad that I am also getting that "I'm broke and my back is killing me" feeling. I am going to actually try to decorate my living room, which means slip-covering the mismatched furniture, making cute accent pillows, and embellishing the curtains. This also means organizing the bookshelf, and clearing out clutter.... Don't even get me started on what we'll do with Hudson's room, because I don't know yet...

I think I'll purge a bunch of stuff... I want to live more simply.

PS Eating out update- DOING SO WELL! We've really been doing good at eating at home. I hope to keep it this way. :)



Totally with you on wanting to simplify. We've been trying to do that for awhile. Usually every two months or so I'll go through and find a bunch of stuff to get rid of. It's such a great feeling!

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