Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Am I Brave Enough?

I mean- Can I really do it?

I am almost afraid by writing these words, I am setting myself up for failure. I know- it must be done...

We need to stop eating out...

I know you've heard me complain about the food here in Havre, so why do we eat out so often?

1. It's fast. With Jason in night classes, and me getting off work at 5 pm- we're usually pretty hungry when I come home. We don't have a lot of time so we go out.

2. We are indecisive. Between the three of us, we usually cannot decide what to eat until we're so hungry that our tempers are flaring.

3. No dishes. Is there anything nicer than tossing your plates in the garbage when you're done instead of washing them, the pans, the silverware after eating? Or just leaving them on the table for someone else to take care of? I think not.

4. I am a terrible cook. I am not kidding. I try to make thrifty meals or homemade stuff, and Jason hates it. Oh, he'll eat it, because like I said we're too hungry at that point, but of course it won't taste as good if I make it.

5. It's something to do. In a tiny town (where all the businesses close before 7 except walmart and fast food joints.. oh and bars, but that's not a problem for us.) eating out provides some entertainment.

6. I am lazy- yes there it is. I admit it... I just don't want to do it. Any of it. I don't like planning the menu, cooking the food, serving the food, doing the dishes yada yada yada... Go ahead and judge me, I don't care! I sometimes wish I could be a stepford wife complete with remote!

So there it is- Sometimes there are battles in our lives that must be fought and won: demons to conquer and foes to slay! This is my battle (and at the risk of sounding a little to melodramatic) I WILL NOT BACK DOWN! I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! I CAN DO THIS!!! (cue theme music--)


Colleen Marie

Good luck. I would join you in your goal of not eating out, but really, it doesn't apply to me. However, I will hereby vow: After this inservice I'm at: No more Mountain Dew! Let us support each other!!


Kelly I <3 you too flippin much... I agree with everything in the above statements. In fact just this afternoon we got in an argument about eating out vs eating in... I love to cook, hate the clean up and my husband hates to help... SO that is where we are at! since you are a hard working Mama... and don't have a lot of time to prepare when you get home I have some good crock pot recipes that you won't be able to screw up... let me know if you want them:D


Ok that whole that you won't be able to screw up sounds like I am an uber hooker jerk... I just meant they are easy you can stick them in before work on low and not worry about it the rest of the day:D Also Colleen I am addicted to Mt Dew... and I will never give that up:D

Kelly Moore

Allie- you crack me up... You are not an uber hooker jerk... ha ha! :) I would love to have more crock pot recipes... send them my way! Do you need my email?


Yes yes I do:D

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